Congratulations! Bringing a new baby into the world is an amazing and sometimes stressful time in your life. I hope to help the transition into parenthood be as easy and joyous as possible.I am excited to help your new family grow and flourish.

Doula Support

Doulas are trained support people who provide informational, emotional, and physical support before, during, and after your birth. As your doula, I provide continuous care to you and your partner. I also work to help you feel as educated and empowered as possible.


I'm working hard to share ideas and topics that are important to me, and I believe you will find informative. I hope you enjoy my light humor and love for birth work. Comments are always welcome. I love hearing from readers and clients alike!

"Never leaving my side through every single contraction and bringing a peaceful, serene environment to my hospital room, she truly made this an experience I will never forget. Thank you will never be enough."

—Allison L.

My name is Amber Stiles and I am a Central New Jersey Doula. I provide birth and postpartum doula support to pregnant families. I am based in Middlesex County, and I serve throughout the surrounding counties.

As a DONA trained birth doula, I will provide non-medical support to you and your birth team. I am not there to take the place of anyone in your family. Rather, I'm there to help you all. I will be by your side throughout your labor and delivery. I am armed with research based coping techniques and constant companionship.

As a DONA trained postpartum doula, I will help you during the 4th trimester. This also includes non-medical support to you, your new baby, and your family. I hope to make the first few weeks (or months) of parenthood as smooth and enjoyable as you imagined.

Labor and Birth Doula Support
Breastfeeding Education and Support
Postpartum Doula Support

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