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—Sheera M.

"Amber was an absolute godsend! When I first found out I was pregnant I didn’t know much, but I knew I wanted the hire a doula. My friends and family didn’t understand my reasoning for wanting a doula to assist through my pregnancy and sons birth. From the first time meeting with Amber, my husband and I felt we had a connection and she understood what we were looking for. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my pregnancy and once my water broke (2 and a half weeks early) she was by my side as I labored for 18 hours and ultimately ended up with a c section.

I can not say enough amazing things about my experience with Amber. She was everything and more. She helped set the mood in the delivery room, lighting candles, putting on soothing music, providing me with lollipops water and massages. Once the labor kicked into high gear I was experiencing horrible upper back pain and neck pain. Amber massaged my feet paying close attention to the pressure points to help alleviate the pain I was in.

My husband was able to relax a bit and know I was in good hands. The same for my mother who was very anxious the entire time. When I tell you I could not have labored for that long without Amber, I’m being entirely serious. Looking back she was more beneficial then the epidural.

Once the doctors told me I had to have a c section, she calmed me down and helped me feel confident that I was doing the right thing for my son, despite the fact I wanted to avoid the c section.

Amber is still providing amazing support to me during the postpartum period and I will be hiring her as my postpartum doula.

At the end of the labor and delivery my entire family was so impressed with Amber they are true believers in doula services.

Amber is a truly special person and amazing doula!"

—Allison L.

“I want to start out by saying I never knew too much or considered having a doula before the birth of my daughter in August of 2019. With my first two children I wasn't lucky enough to have a doula by my side. Labor with my second born was uncomplicated but traumatic for me as my heart rate shot up to 165 due to my anxieties. This happening really made me question having a 3rd child. Connecting with Amber for my initial visit was honestly the first time I felt at ease and actually excited about my delivery. Fast forward to August 9th, the start of my labor, I called Amber at 2am, she was there at the hospital, bags packed with a smile in no time. Never leaving my side through every single contraction and bringing a peaceful, serene environment to my hospital room, she truly made this an experience I will never forget. Thank you will never be enough.”