Birth Doula Support

Doulas are trained birth support people who provide informational, emotional, and physical support before, during, and after your birth. Doulas provide continuous care to you and your partner in home birth, birth center, and hospital environments. Doulas work with you and your birth team to help you feel as educated and empowered as possible. Birth matters and I am honored to do this work.

As your doula, I would be there for you during your prenatal time as a source of guidance and encouragement. During labor, I would join you to support you all as you bring a new life into the world. After you return home, I will help ease the transition of new parenthood.

NJ Doula Support

"From the first time meeting with Amber, my husband and I felt we had a connection and she understood what we were looking for. She was extremely helpful and supportive throughout my pregnancy..."

—Sheera M.

Birth Doula Services Includes the Following:

Prenatal Support

I meet clients and their partners for one prenatal meeting. During which, we will discuss your birth ideals and comfort preferences. We will practice some of the comfort measures so you aren't learning new things during labor.

I am available via phone, text, or email for any questions you may have. If something is time sensitive, I ask that you call so your needs are met quickly.

I provide evidence based information to my clients from the date of hire. I am pleased to have compiled many local and online resources for my clients so they don't have to weed through the noise of the internet on their own.

Labor Support

I am on call for your labor and birth from 38 weeks of pregnancy, until baby arrives. If you have a scheduled induction of cesarean, we can adjust that period.

When labor begins, I ask that you call me. Once you decide that you need my support, I will meet you at your desired location. I will provide physical and emotional support to you and your partner.

If we meet at your home during early labor, and you are having a hospital or birth center birth, I will follow you in my car once you and your care provider decide it's time to head to the birth location.

I will then meet you in your room and will set up your desired birth environment. I will stay with you until baby arrives.

Postpartum Support

Immediately postpartum, I will stay for an hour or so while you and your baby get to know to each other. If you plan to breastfeed, I can help with the first feeding during the precious "gold hour" right after birth.

I will still be available via phone, text, and email should you have any concerns or needs that may need my assistance.

A week or two postpartum, I will meet you in your home for our final postpartum visit. This visit will last about an hour. We will discuss your birth and your feelings about it. If needed, I will also provide you with any resources to assist with your transition into life with as your new baby's parent.


The above birth support service is billed at $700 while I complete my DONA certification. Half is due upon signing of contract as a deposit. Half is due at our prenatal visit.

I am happy to accept payment in cash, check, credit card, and Paypal. Invoices will be emailed.

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