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NJ Childbirth Classes

NJ Childbirth Classes

Do I really need to take a childbirth class?

So, you're pregnant and I bet you're wondering if you need to take a childbirth class. Do you REALLY need one? I think you do. That doesn't mean you have to sit in a circle with 6 other couples and learn to breath. Classes like that still exist, but these days, the vast majority of childbirth educators take these classes to the next level.

So why do I need to take one?

Current childbirth classes go over the nitty gritty details of pregnancy, stages of labor, and breathing...of course. They also include amazing coping techniques to use before you decide to get pain medications, or instead of pain meds all together.

Lots of childbirth classes are also taught by birth doulas who want you to have a successful and rewarding birth experience. Sometimes this means that they will help you start a birth plan. They can also offer advice on positions that help bring baby down faster and birth easier.

Taking a childbirth class can help you feel confident in you body and your baby's ability to come when they are ready. The classes will also teach you how to research your options so you can make informed choices and ask your care provider to explain the risks and benefits before agreeing to any procedures or augmentations during labor.

NJ Childbirth Classes

Here are a few of the current NJ childbirth class options that I like to recommend to my birth clients. Some of these are online, and some of them are in person. One in particular is a mixture of BOTH! How great is that? A class with some in person meetings for hands on assistance and face to face connection. As well as a home-study that you can pace yourself with online support groups. A match made in childbirth heaven!

Childbirth Educators

Your Body, Your Birth & Childbirth Education Services - Allenhurst, NJ
Offers comprehensive birth preparation is for EVERY birthing person – those planning a natural birth, an epidural, or a cesarean birth.

Avalon Wellness Center - Morristown, NJ
Offers Hynobirthing, natural birth focused classes, and 1 day express classes

Tree Of Life - Morristown, NJ
Evidence Based Birth hybrid online/in-person class

Montclair Baby - Montclair, NJ
Offers Hynobirthing and Lamaze classes

Bend & Blossom - Red Bank, NJ
Offers Hynobirthing classes

Birth Freely - Collingswood, NJ
Offers a range of in person childbirth classes, and also offers Evidence Based Birth hybird online/in-person class

Online Classes

Mommy Labor Nurse
Offers both natural and epidural plans included

Bundle Birth
Offers a range of online childbirth classes, including one for VBACs

As you can see, there are a wide range of classes out there. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes of offerings for NJ childbirth classes, but these are the ones I am currently happy to suggest to my clients since I have some direct knowledge of each of the educators.

One aside, I know that cost and scheduling can be a determining factor here. There are lots of free and low cost options online and via YouTube. Many are amazing and full of quality content. A few of the ones a mentioned above have robust social media accounts and YouTube options that can really help you fill in the gaps if you can't make it to a full class. I will go over some of my fave social media education resources soon!

Did you take a childbirth class before your baby was born? Do you have a NJ childbirth class you'd like to share with me? Drop me a message below in the comments.

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